Manufactured in Mexico, by a company who has over 25 years experience in the textile industry. Each bag is hand made with care and a commitment to excellence. The bags are exclusively distributed in the US by Clear Pool Products.

Emerald Clear Pool Bag

EM-90 is a 90 Micron bag – used for fine sand/silt, some dirt, leaves, and rocks (not for sharp twigs or glass)

Turquoise Clear Pool Bag

TQ200 is a 200 Micron used for sand, grass, rocks, and glass.

Slate Clear Pool Bag

SL400 is our 400 micron bag used for large leaf debris, twigs, rocks, and glass (will not pick up fine sand).

Green Pool Bag

This is our heavy lifter for extremely dirty pools infested with leaves from fall winds or hurricanes, picks up debris and leaves without blocking water flow through the bag.

Our bags work with Hammerhead, Power Vac, Rip Tide and Bottom Feeder systems